Jumpkin Splash



Jump, bounce and climb your way to the top of the tower of terror, as it crumbles around you, how high can you climb?

Even if you do get squished into pumpkin jam, you have a second chance at life, collecting gems fills your hour-glass, which gives you up to 5 seconds of rewind time... which you can use to cheat death! but fall into the swirling vortex below, and its game over!

Jumpkin has simple, intuitive touch controls (tap a spot to have Jumpkin jump to it, or touch and hold the screen to have him roll or move towards your finger) yet there is a real sense of danger and vertigo as you try to avoid falling off the tower.

Jumpkin is optimized for iPhone4S, iPad2, and iTouch5 and newer devices. Although the game may run on older devices, performance may not be optimal.

Jumpkin Screenshot 1 Jumpkin Screenshot 2 Jumpkin Screenshot 3 Jumpkin Screenshot 4