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These fun games are completely free. They contain no virus, spyware, search bars, etc, etc. They are exactly what it says on the box... Free games for you to download and enjoy.


Slapshot Air Hockey

How would you like to play a free game of Air-Hockey with 2-Pucks? or with Huge or tiny Mallets?

Slapshot Air Hockey is a fun, addictive twist on the classic Air-Hockey game. The gameplay is simple, easy to learn, yet tricky to master. Just as in real air-hockey, the object is to score goals to win. You control the mallet/striker with the mouse.

Slapshot Air Hockey Free Games Screenshot 1 Slapshot Air Hockey Free Games Screenshot 2 Slapshot Air Hockey Screenshot 3 Slapshot Air Hockey Screenshot 4






Like Puzzle Games? Like to Twist your Brain?

A-PoP! is a free puzzle game, inspired by the game 'E-Motion' developed by US-Gold in 1990.

The idea is to clear a screen by bumping similar colored bubbles into each other to pop them all. Sounds easy right? Well, if you bump the wrong colors together, it generates another bubble of a different color. Sometimes you need to deliberately make new bubbles in order to make a matching pair of bubbles that you can pop.

The simple, fun-gameplay, pretty graphics, puzzles and obstacles, soothing sounds, and dozens of levels will keep you playing for hours.

A-Pop Free Games Screenshot 1 A-Pop Free Games Screenshot 2 A-Pop Screenshot 3 A-Pop Screenshot 4




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