About Game Fun

Most games that Game Fun has developed were created using commercially available 3D Engines and programmed in C/C++, C#, and Various Scripting Languages, covering most hardware platforms from iOS, Playstation, Xbox & PC, back to the days of Amiga, Sega-CD and beyond.

Devils Peak Rally (PPR) was developed for iOS with the Unity3D engine, which is a great, cross platform engine with which to write games. PPR began as a fun racing physics experiment for PC, then changed into a Facebook demo, before appearing in its current final guise as an iPhone & iPad game.

A-Pop and Slapshot Air Hockey are written in Director Shockwave as web mini games.

Game Fun hopes to launch more iOS and Free games in the near future, so please bookmark this page, come back often, and tell your friends. If you like any of the free games on this page, please post a link to Facebook or your preferred social networking site.

Feel free to drop us a line with feedback about the game or the site on the contact page.